Best Bean Soup
Best Bean Soup

Simple and Easy Bean Soup but very favorable and a crowd winner!
Category: Soups
Serves: 0

1/2 cup Navy Beans
1/2 cup Pinto Beans
1/2 cup Red beans
1/2 cup lentos

want 2 cups 1 LB total beans - so add a little more here and there get there

Chop 1 large onion
2-3 carrots chopped up
1 ham steak chopped up and include bone
2 TBS garlic
1/2 to 1 packet Onion Soup Mix
4 TBS parsley

5 chicken bouillon cubs mushed and added
6 cups of water
Sort and soak beans overnight with 2-3 tsp himalayan salt.. The salt is the trick here!
After the soak drain beans and add to crockpot

Add the onion, carrot, garlic, ham steak with bone, garlic, parsley and pepper to crockpot.
Crush 5 chicken bouillon cups with a pestle and add to crock pot with 6 cups of water.
You might need to add a cup or two more of water depending on crockpot size, but you dont want to much water.. you can always add more later. Add in the Onion Soup Mix and stir.

Cook on low 6-8 hours

Serve with your favorite cornbread and enjoy!
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